GO as a starting point.

As I write this it’s 6.30pm and the restaurant/bar has started to get more crowded. People are enjoying the noodle soup from the restaurant and sharing their thoughts on the studios that they have seen today. Most of the comments on the Rijksakademie are almost monologues. The interesting kind ofcourse.

Even when we ask the visitors to give us just one word on de Rijksakademie, Dorian de Rijk,  chooses to use the word; “GO” as a starting point.

For Dorian this visit to the Rijksakademie is worth to go to because it’s a great opportunity to get a sense of what is going on in the up and coming art scene. “It is like a museum for a weekend. The fact that there is so much you can see has it’s good side as well as bad side. Because it makes it hard to see everything and to take it all in.” The names of the artists she finds interesting she writes down. Thats why Dorian would like to be able to visit the Rijksakademie more often. “Maybe something like a projectspace with a changing exhibition, that would be great”. She sees the Rijksakademie as an inspiring place that is very important for the Dutch art scene.

Other words we heard in the restaurant:




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