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Chess clocks and burning houses

You can hear the clocks ticking when you walk into the room. You enter to face chessboards all set up, the clocks already counting and I could not help but feel the urgency that I had to take immediate action - here and now in this installation. The viewer alone against the many, all invisibly lined up in a room that is both a gym and a conference centre. 

Idan Hayosh’s (1979, IL/RO/NL) works imply danger. Usually you quickly recognize the source but even after that the works remain daunting. This work is inspired by five photo’s he collected – among the hundreds and hundreds he collects and organises into albums.

One of these albums became the book “Fire Guys” – firemen posing in groups before the burning houses they are about to extinguish. This book he will promote or demote on Sunday at 16:00 with the story of the artist’s past in pyrotechnics that led to this book.

There is a serial quality or obsessive repetition that is present in the installations and in the online albums which is more instinctive than explicit but somehow very recognisable to all of us: there is an order present, which can manifest in intriguing but very strange ways.

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Bookshop musthaves

Especially for the RijksakademieOPEN the bookstore has been moved to a bigger space on the first floor. Marietta Dirker, librarian, tells me why. ‘We wanted to give visitors more space so they can sit down and flip through the books and enjoy them. What you see laying on this table are the publications by the resident artists. The prices range from 1 euro to 1.500 euro’s.’

I bet the most expensive book is one of kind right?
‘Indeed, it’s made by Irina Popova, a Russian artist. The book is a reflection of the time she spent with a Russian family. It consists mostly of photos and letters.’

There is so much on this table, can you point out your favorite book?
‘No absolutely not, that’s way too difficult. I do love the work by Lei Saito.’ She opens a box with delicate engravings. ‘Also this other small book I really like, it’s full of photo’s of firefighters.’ Another special publication is the one by Alberto De Michele. The book is wrapped and I have instructions not to open it. People have to go into his studio to see it.’

Which book sells the best?

‘Our own portable guide. I think that’s because this year it’s design is very nice. It’s also the first year we sell it, other years it was for free. If people buy it, they support the Rijksakademie.’

Opposite of the bookshop some beautiful Japanese books from around 1900 are on display. They hint at the wide ranging and very diverse library available to the artists, and also for te public throughout the rest of the year. Nowadays all residents donate their publications to the library. I can only imagine artists in the far away future turning their pages, thirsty for inspiration.  

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