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Ayman Ramadan is cooking Koshari

We meet Ayman Ramadan while multi-tasking. As he is on the phone having a conversation about Tahir Square he’s is cooking a traditional Egyptian meal: Koshari. Over the past weekend he has been making this meal for the visitors of his studio. And they all really like it. Everyday he had to make more.

With the Koshari Ayman brings Egypt a bit closer and with that the current developments. For Ayman eating together is also conversing and he can share a message trough the Koshari. The protestors on Tahir Square in Egypt eat this meal often. Because it is cheap and a very heavy meal it gets them through another day in tents on Tahir Square.

For Ayman this meal is also symbolic for the political situation in Egypt. Nine months after the revolution and the speech by Obama politics in Egyptian still haven’t improved.

Today it is the last day that Ayman makes his visitors Koshari, but it won’t be the last day that the protestors on Tahir Square eat it and that is a sad reality. When I ask Ayman what he will be doing after this weekend he says he’s going back home to Egypt. But not before he buys supplies that will be much needed at Tahir Square. Such as gas masks and medicine that helps against the tear gas that numbs the muscles.

When I ask Ayman if he believes that the situation in Egypt will change for the better he answers: “I choose to be hopeful”.

(Text MB, image JB)