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The kids studio is open for finger knitting and fantasy paintings.

In the kids studio children can develop their artistic creativity while their parents visit the artists’ studios. A girl was in the middle of a process of creating a fantasy painting. A fantasy painting? “I won’t use any paint, so I decided to paint with textile strings.” When we asked a boy if he had seen interesting artworks his eyes began to sparkle. He put his voice down and told me he saw some nice statues. What kind of statues? ‘Van blote mensen’. Apparently the statues resembled naked people and this was recorded on video – something like that, we’re not sure yet. Then he explained he was finger knitting a white scarf. Did you ever hear about finger knitting? We didn’t. You see, once inside the Rijksakademie, you never stop learning. 

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Visitors #4

Kids might be extremely critical while speaking about art. This is also one of the reasons why we decided to make a small series of interviews with kids. Daan is 6 years old and he has been drawing on one of the hallways while waiting for his mother. 

"I like films mainly. The one when a man is turning around (Daan is demonstrating the movement) and the one with a tree destroying a house. Maybe I would like to be an artist too one day.” Daan is referring to artworks by Deniz Buga and Roderick Hietbrink. 

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Visitors #3

I have noticed Sten several times sitting at different corners of the room, at the staircase, drinking most probably hot chocolate, watching people and looking a bit bored. To my surprise he spoke really enthusiastically about his experience visiting studios when I approached him and asked for an interview.

The studio he liked the most was the one with “lights, crazy pictures and some pictures which were not funny”. Unfortunately he did not remember the name of the artist but he would definitely recommend it to his friends to see it. He did not know what blog was, so most probably he will not read this but Sten thank you for your interview. Today we have many kids here and we hope they are all enjoying their visit as Sten did.

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At the children studio everyone must work. A little girl stopped for a second to say hi for her father outside the window, but that’s it. When she turned around she continued to work on her wood piece. Even a humble blogger had to hammer in order to help a little guy with his project. When I asked, “Wat is dit?” (one of the only questions I know in Dutch) He replied “A sword!” and ran away playing with it.

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