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Five Residents Walk into a Bar…

Rijksakademie residents exhibit their work on a regular basis. This is also the case in the exhibition Three Artists Walk into a Bar… by de Appel arts centre’s curatorial collective The Black Swan. The exhibition is the result of an open call to students and residents related to a Masters or post academic program in fine arts in The Netherlands such as the Rijksakademie. Five Rijksakademie residents reacted and got included in the exhibition; Deniz Buga, Dušan Rodić, Crystal Z. Campbell, Pawel Kruk and Emile Zile. The multi-site exhibition consists of all kinds of witty artworks spread throughout Amsterdam is on display until May 13.

According to their website, the exhibition Three Artists Walk into a Bar… started out as joke. Now, with over seventy new artworks produced especially for the exhibition it appears to have become a pretty serious affair. Nevertheless, humour plays an important role in the show. It is used to address serious subjects, as becomes clear in the description of the exhibition:  “Using the quality of humor to test the potential of art as a critical instrument for the analysis of social, political and cultural issues this exhibition aims to build a community of peers, professionals and a variety of publics.” Our five residents also worked with the concept of humour for the exhibition.

Dušan Rodić

Dušan Rodić’s project Engarde consists of over a hundred posters that he will deliver to cultural institutions in Amsterdam whose existence is under threat by cutbacks in  government funding.  He made two different posters showing a group of smiling artists. One with a group of laughing avant-gardist Dadaists and the other with the laughing members of the neo avant-gardist group: Fluxus. A big stack of posters is ready for delivery during the exhibition, sealed traditionally with wax and an ‘engarde’ stamp Rodić designed himself.

Deniz Buga

Deniz Buga selected Duran 01 for the exhibition, a photograph from the archive of Lutifye Duran. Buga is currently working on the archive of Istanbul based traveler Duran. According to Buga, the work seeks for “a visual interruption in the perception of humour”. Buga: “With its incomplete mise-en-scene, Duran 01 is a promise of humor. I think different stages of perception unfold in the transition from promise to realization. Presenting a suggestive form is a way to step back and rethink the way we perceive humor, what we find humorous and what not.”  The work will be at display at and, starting on May 3rd, a banner version of it will be placed in the playground at the cross section of Van De Veldestraat and Jan Luijkenstraat, Amsterdam.

Emile Zile

With Emile Zile the joke is on the participating artists, as he has prepared an unannounced series of pranks on the artists in the Three Artists Walk into a Bar project. The video documentation of the prank performances will be available online, entering the stream of adolescent humour, ‘punking’, ‘happy slapping’ YouTube videos available freely on the net. In this way his performance is both an art performance and a participant in contemporary video sharing culture. Or as Zile calls it “Turning the premise of the show in on itself, my actions are directed towards the artists involved in the show questioning the very premise of a show organised around Humour”. The final videos will be available to see on the project archive

Pawel Kruk

Pawel Kruk is preparing a redo of a comical performance by Cezary Bodzianowski titled 1001 trifles.   1001 trifles originally took place in the queue of people getting tickets for an exhibition in the National Museum of Krakow. Bodzianowski patiently stood in line until he almost reached the cash deck, by which time he would ask someone from the end of the queue to take his place. During the performance he traded places with a few people, never reaching the cash deck. 

Pawel Kruk’s redo will take place Saturday 5 May, 10.00-15.00h at the queue in front of the Anne Frank house. 

Kruk says about the piece “I just love this particular piece by Cezary Bodzianowski, apart from a lot of references I find in it, for example the biblical connection Matthew 20:16 ‘So the last will be first, and the first last’  I just envy it’s alluring invisibility and goodness.”

Crystal Z. Campbell

Finally, there’s the work of Crystal Campbell’s titled: Bittersweet (The Death of R. Mutt)It is a reference to the famous porcelain urinal that was signed “R.Mutt” by Marcel Duchamp in 1917. Duchamp placed this urinal inside of a gallery and this  gesture is the historical cornerstone of Campbell’s piece. Campbell: ‘Upon arriving in Amsterdam, I have been in search of public urinals for women after noticing several public urinals for men. Bittersweet (The Death of R. Mutt) is a female voice lurking in a public urinal as a sonic proposition to the city.’ The public urinal can be found between Oosterpark and the Tropenmuseum entrance.


Text by DS

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