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The Workshop Series: Ceramics

The Rijksakademie has a high level of expertise on the use of different materials and instruments in the fields of image and sound (photography, film, video, sound, and electronics), graphics (engraving, letterpress, lithography, silk-screen and artists’ publications), chemicals (paint, plastics, ceramics and glass) and construction (metal, wood and precision mechanics). This expertise is made available to resident artists in six different workshops, and technical experts in all different fields are available for advice. In professionally-equipped workshops, residents work and experiment with traditional and contemporary materials and techniques. In the Workshop series we explore what is going on in the technical workshops one area of expertise at the time.


Within the ceramics department it’s possible to work with pottery, stoneware and porcelain. Furthermore, there’s a plaster studio and 3D-studio. Sometimes, small ceramic objects are needed as a part of a larger installation, sometimes artists make life-size sculptures. The largest oven of the workplace can handle sculptures over two meters high, and is one of the largest ovens in Europe.

 For a lot of artists who start the residency, ceramics is a relatively unknown medium. That’s why technical supervisor Peter Kemink always demonstrates the many different possibilities of ceramics at the beginning of the year. The many tiles on the wall are samples of various glazes, which can form the basis of self-composed glazes. In addition to four different basic glazes there’s a collection of 40 coloring oxides and pigments, which together create a nearly infinite color palette. Attached to the department are facilities for ‘warm’ glass, such as working with fused glass molds and molding in the oven.

For the last one-and-a-half month former resident Matthew Lutz Kinoys (RA 10/11) worked in the ceramics workshop on his project Keramikos 2 the travelling dinner party. For this project he made, together with the expert guidance of Pieter Kemink and befriended artists, his own set of dishes, mugs, and other table ware. Last Thursday, he invited employees and fellow artists of the Rijksakademie for a rehearsal dinner. 

Lutz-Kinoy: “The biggest plus of the Rijksakademie is that it brings different things together, there are many collaborations of different disciplines and many possibilities of introducing unfamiliar techniques to artists. For me the first time I ever worked with ceramics was in my first year at the Rijksakademie.

However, I liked working with ceramics so much that the idea of making more tableware kept lingering in my head. I wanted to do more with it than just make them and wanted to create and organize events that involves the ceramic table ware I made. So when I found the means to do this  I came back to the Rijksakademie and started making the pieces of ‘Keramikos 2’. I asked some of my friends who know about ceramics to help me out.

I really loved learning about ceramics and creating something with a purpose. The tableware for the ‘traveling dinner parties’ is a more formatted work than I am used to, with a lot of history. Furthermore, this time I wanted to keep everything together, and use it together in a way that it is more than just a set of dishes.  Luckily, during the rehearsal dinner Keramikos 2 proved to be just that”

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy during the rehearsal of his project ‘Keramikos 2:The travelling Dinner Party’ at de Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten.

Keramikos 2 : the travelling dinner party by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Natsuko Uchino will travel on to Parison June 25th, to Florence on September 8th, and conclude in Otegem, Belgium in May 2013.

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Text by DS

Workshop photos by Willem Vermaasse

Pictures of the rehearsal ‘Keramikos 2:The travelling Dinner Party’ at de Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten.

More info about this project (and the Ceramics workshop of the Rijksakademie in which the tableware was made) click here.